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About Me

If you have challenging skin, I can relate (this picture doesn't show it thanks to an amazing professional make-up artist. Lol). 

Wrinkles, smile lines, and acne always bothered me. But one day I woke up with brown spots above my upper lip. I had melasma. Then I developed rosacea. These conditions heightened the attention and focus I gave to my skin. I went form being annoyed to being embarrassed, discouraged, and obsessed. My passion for skincare emerged. I made healthy skin my mission. 

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Private inhome spa

Although skincare experts (dermatologists, estheticians, teachers) make helpful recommendations, they make damaging ones as well. A well-known LA dermatologist performed treatments on my face assuring me they would help both my melasma and rosacea. Unfortunately, it made my melasma spread to other areas of my face. I was devastated. An MD and author on skincare should know better!

This misdirection and misinformation fueled my drive as well. My mission is to pass my experience and all that I've learned the hard way on to others. I want to share everything so you can face the world with healthy, glowing, beautiful skin.

SkinFit:  A beautiful in-home spa with full privacy, a separate entrance and designated parking. You'll discover tidy rows of myriad skincare products and brands. Ingredients are everything. I've vetted every ingredient list that comes into my spa. I judge products based on their performance, not merely pretty labels - or fragrance. For years, I fell into the trap of "if it smells good, it must be good for your skin."

I have products specifically designed for these speciality skin types:

  • Roscea

  • hyperpigmetation / melasma

  • wrinkles

  • acne

  • sensitive skin

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Fixing what we would like to change about our skin is a marathon, not a sprint. It's encouraging that improvements come over time with the right process. I call it Skin Symbiosis. Here is how it looks: 

Skin Symbiosis pyramid
Glowing skin

Healthy, beautiful skin means knowing which ingredients enhance your unique skin

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