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Woman recieving facial spa

Concierge 353

You get a facial once a month. Is that enough to reach your skin care goals? What are you doing the other 353 days a year?

Maintaining healthy, radiant skin requires consistent care and attention. 

Skincare Services in one year
Spa treatments
Smooth skin

Concierge 353 provides:

  • 1 VIP monthly treatment, plus an in depth consultation and review (90+ minutes)

  • Weekly skin check-in sessions via zoom (10-15 minutes)

  • Product inventory analysis and replenishment, if desired

  • Research and schedule outside appointments with specialists (dermatologists, medspas, other skincare experts)

Concierge 353: Consistent care. Expert knowledge. Eliminate stress.

Price: $350 monthly (contact me regarding yearly pricing options)

"Consider an aesthetician as your face's therapist. They work with skin day in day out, and consistently seeing an aesthetician is like having a skin fairy godmother to watch over your skin's progression."

Gloria Lu and  Victoria Fu, co-founders of Chemist Confessions and authors of "Skincare Decoded: The Practical Guide to Beautiful Skin."

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